Course Objectives

  • You're a world changer, a motivator, a behind-the-scenes helper, in-the-trenches server, a team leader, a lifter of the weak, fixer of the broken, or comfort for the hurting. You got into this position because you have a huge heart for helping others. So many times, the helpers are the ones who need that intentional time, but rarely get it. Eventually, helpers find themselves saying things like this: 

    "I don't know how much longer I can do this."
    "I just want to do good, why is it so hard?"
    "Oh this is how burnout happens."
    "There's not enough resources to do the things that would really make a difference."
    "It's just too hard and this is not even making a dent in the problem." 

    With a career or lifestyle of pouring yourself out for other people, it's imperative to filled up. Fueled with fire to fight the good fight. You're not alone!